Freedom Clothes

Regents Park, London

Freedom Clothes are intentially anti-conformist...

Inner-city bylaws prevent freedom and eradicate fun from daily urban life. The Freedom clothes are deliberately stealth and confrontational in appearance. The harness can used as a basic swing setup in a public park or utilised at a more extreme level to scale vast structures. Escape the city, break the conventions of urban planning. Prepare to abseil office blocks. Leap, jump and rapel from city roof tops. The adjustable harness comes complete with two back pockets to stash rapelling equipment, belay loops, descenders, caribiners and 100m of climbing rope. The harness offers chest (back) or waist (seat) support depending on the activerty taking place. Freedom Clothes turn the concrete city into a vertical jungle.

Influence: Suffolk tree surgeons and Spiderman.

Cordura 500 Denier, Rapel bars, 50mm Seatbelt Strapping, 4mm Foam insert.