Jacket Inflate

Walberswick, Suffolk.

Inflated/Deflated State.

Buoyancy Chamber.

Instructions. Pull ripcord, Adjust air Pressure with mouth hose and fasten jacket accordingly

A Future Concept for Climate Change

High tides, prevailing winds, flash floods and freak waves create the need for Jacket Inflate. This product addresses the problem of rising flood waters caused by global warming. The garment comes complete with GPS, emergency whistle, rip cord CO2 Inflation System, retro reflective panels, heat pads on strategic areas and safety leash. The idea of buoyant clothing was inspired by ideas such as self sufficiency, immediate safety and peace of mind. The designer asked himself what type of clothes he would use for survival? The jacket is covered with utilitarian style multiple pockets, clips and buckles. The pockets can be stuffed with emergency food and medical supplies like water purification tablets and vitamins. The garment is highly visible, durable, insulated, lightweight and offers protection from the damp and cold.

This adaptable garment offers comfort in the form of floating shelter. Extended Lifestyle Clothing. Transforming, floating, animated and wearable. Questions clothing function and performance. Moving architecture of the water and land. Equips the user with the tools to cope with constantly shifting dangerous environments. A first response unit. Independent survival tool with built in life saving apparatus.

Heat Sealed Urethane Coated Nylon