Ray Backpack / Suspended Seat

The RAY Generation backpack transforms into a suspended seat designed for the urban commuter.

The world within the urban environment is fast. It is also challenging and exhausting. Claustrophobic situations lead to invaded personal space. RAY provides a space and activity that encourages separation from daily encountered stress of city life. The RAY backpack throws a challenge to way we move through the urban environment. The suspended seat allows you to navigate through city streets taking advantage of public space. The seat when in transit anonymously transforms into a backpack for ease of travel.

Hook it up to existing areas of architectural interest and exploit them in a new creative way. Claim temporary ownership of public transitory space and renovate points of urban movement. The setup becomes a choreographed theatrical act reflecting close by street performers.

Carabiners, webbing and stainless steel eyelets located on the backpack together provide the kit you need to connect to public architecture. Secure locations such as corner spaces, railings, bike racks, scaffolding and public trees are all suitable locations. Independant, mobile, adaptable, multifunctional and transformable.

Neoprene, Cordura, Airtech Mesh, 25mm Webbing and Retro Reflective details.